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The Basic from Next connect generations
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正面 入口
本社 正面前景

Greetings from the president

It has been 25 years since the company was founded as Basic Co., Ltd., and various changes and responses are required for "manufacturing".

We will continue to grow through our changes and failures, and think about what we can do to move forward.

If you translate Basic literally, it will be "basic" and "elementary",

The meaning of our company is "Return to the basics without forgetting the moderate tension that you had when you first started."

It is filled with feelings.

Our job is to create a store.

We grasp changes in society every day and create a wide variety of spaces in store design and store construction in response to changes.

We listen to customers' voices, help create the future, and satisfy and impress each visitor.

We will do our best to create a space that gives joy.

Various problems, issues, and troubles are inevitable in this work when creating a store.

Experienced human resources will play an active role in such cases, but when you are in trouble or when you are in trouble,

Go back to the meaning of Basic, do not give up and go through to the end, and solve each one firmly

I would like to show you the way.

We will create new businesses and employment through the creation of stores, and contribute to environmental issues and people involved.

We will continue to contribute to society and promote activities that will lead to the next generation as our mission.

Please look forward to our Basic. And let's create a future that overcomes hardships together.

Representative Director of Basic Co., Ltd.

Toshishige Kondo


Company name Basic Co., Ltd.

Location 3-4-22 Seni, Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture


Phone number 0586-52-7111

FAX 0586-52-7100

Founded June 1994


Representative Toshishige Kondo

Capital 10 million

Closing month September

Construction Business Permit Aichi Governor Permit No. 39766

Architectural / interior construction business

Bank of Japan Seto Shinkin Bank Juroku Bank Bank of Nagoya

Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Ichii Shinkin Bank

Company profile


Basic management philosophy

B: Basic Don't forget the moderate tension that you had when you first started, and go back to basics.

A: Action Make sure to proceed based on the word execution.

S: See Look closely and observe to connect to the next step.

I: Idea We will spare no effort in ingenuity and take on new challenges.

C: Create I like to create things.

Basic employees have a deep understanding of their meanings and are working to further develop them.

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